Event 30  ~ 10th December 2017
The Last Event of our 2017 Calendar  
Christmas Lunch at London Beach
Hotel, Tenterden, Kent   
 A snowy  winters day, made our drive to The London Beach Hotel in Tenterden,
a little more challenging than usual.  Many members battled the elements and arrived safe and sound after an eventful journey. Two members arrived two hours late after a 5 hour journey that should have taken 90 minutes.  4 of our Essex friends could not get through and 3 others gave up as snowy conditions were worsening by the minute - the further north the starting point the worse the snow fall was.

The day progressed and everyone started to enjoy themselves. The staff were excellent, the lunch was most agreeable and the members were happy to join in the Christmas festivities. A collection of eight Rolls-Royces and Bentleys filled our small reserved parking area, each driver deserved a medal in my opinion. Driving our highly valued motor cars in such weather shows that RREC members love their cars and will enjoy them come rain, snow, ice and fog.   Actually the day was a success - our thanks to Tony & Hilary for finding this new venue. All booked again for 2018.

Our next event is The Weald Of Kent Carvery Lunch on Sunday 14th January 2018 another Tony & Hilary event. It will be a good post Christmas meeting of friends and family and hopefully - without the snow and ice.  

A merry Christmas to you all.  Stephen Fabman-Beker, Chairman

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Event 29  ~ 26th Nov 2017
The AGM  
Chart Hills Golf Club   
 A pefect winters day, cold but dry, sunshine in oodles and long shadows that confirm what the English winters are like. South Eastern Section members arrived
at 10:30am and enjoyed a cup of coffee before sitting down to hear the review of 2017 and what's coming in 2018. After the AGM,  the 70 people that attended moved to the bar by 12 mid-day for pre-lunch drinks. A good number of Rolls-Royces and Bentleys were parked outside, including a new Goodwood Rolls-Royce Dawn,  Arnages, a Mulsanne,  and other variants  of Bentley. There was a Rolls-Royce Dawn from the Crewe era, Spirits a Seraph and two Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III's by HJM.  Simply perfect.
Thank you for attending (if you did) and thank you for looking at this photographic record if you didn't. Pease come next year.  The date is 25th November 2018, same place ,same time. 

Next event and the last in 2017 is the Christmas Lunch on Sunday 10th December.

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Event 28  ~ 21th Nov 2017
The Hadlow Manor Hotel  
Winter Sunday Lunch  
 A strong turnout of South Eastern Section members arrived at Hadlow Manor with a fine collection of Rolls-Royce and Bentley models. The photographs below show just how bright the winter sun was, with long shadows and high contrast. 
Later in the day the sun slowly dropped below the horizon to illuminate the sky and deepen the colours of the motorcars.  Meanwhile we were seated in the Manors dining room and served an excellent meal and drinks.  It was a very good day and all of the forty-five members attending, seemed to enjoy themselves.  There were twenty cars on display, one of them belonging to new members who brought a very nice  Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit, carefully polished and ready
for the journey.  Hopefully they will joing us at the next event

Next Event - The AGM on Sunday 26th November.

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Event 25  ~ 22nd Oct 2017
The Abbey Hotel, Sheppy 
Our first winter Sunday Lunch  
 The expected wind and rain created by Storm Brian, did not reach the far South Eastern corner of England. As it happened, we had a sunny Sunday with a slight breeze and some warmth.  This encouraged owners to bring their Rolls-Royces
and Bentleys out to play. Thank you one and all.  I failed to count the cars attending today  but think there were nineteen or twenty super cars on display outside the Abbey Hotel. Now we are looking forward to November 9th (Thursday evening Dinner) at The Grasshopper Inn.

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Event 24  ~ 16th - 24th Sep 2017
The Calvados Rally
Six days driving in France  
Day One
 Our 2017 September Continental Rally  was based at the hotel
Ferme de la Rançonnière Hotel set amongst the listed Bessin farm buit  in the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries. The main rooms, the restaurants, bedrooms and the bar were all set around a huge walled enclosed square. All interiors were rustic
 with old beams, stone walls and original fittings. It was a delight We were able to sit outside each evening in the sunshine drinking aperitifs until dinner.  

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Event 24  ~ 16th - 24th Sep 2017
The Calvados Rally
Six days driving in France  
Day Two
 Our Continental Rally hotel, the Ferme de la Rançonnière was old, very old, dating back to the13th, 14th and 15th centuries. No two bedrooms were the same, some showing hints of a fortified manor house, others a barn ( in an earlier life) and a few,
 main house rooms, obviously the master of the estates private rooms were now a bedroom, batheroom and privy.   The following photographs show our cars parked in the hotel courtyard and shots of the Day Two events in Bayeux  

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Event 24  ~ 16th - 24th Sep 2017
The Calvados Rally
Six days driving in France  
Day Three
 Our first day was a long driving day with a superb lunch at the Auberge du Val au Cesne, our second day was Bayeux based with the little train ride and visits to the Bayeux Tapestrey and the Cathedral. Our third day was designed to be an easy one, less driving and a free afternoon.  Our morning visit to a small Chateaux and a Calvados producer (with tastings) is captured below.   This page starts with five pictures of our hotel in the early morning, then the Chateaux Domaine de la Flaguerie

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Event 24  ~ 16th - 24th Sep 2017
The Calvados Rally
Six days driving in France  
Day Four
 Day four was a busy one. After breakfast we headed of to the near by H2O, the Umbrella  manufacturers in Crepon.  Following an interesting demonstratin of how one-off fully tailored umbrellas are made to the exact desires of the
purchaser(one was built as we watchd)  we visited The Overlord Museum and the American Cemetery.  A most interesting and moving day.

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Event 24  ~ 16th - 24th Sep 2017
The Calvados Rally
Six days driving in France  
Day Five
 Day five started with a drive to the outskirts of Bayeux and a visit to the Drakkar Chocolate Factory. The guide who was born in Switzerland, worked in Germany,
was taught English in Western Germany and ended up in Bayeux, made an excellent effort explaining to our group, how the process from bean to bar became luxury
chocolates for us to buy, in English.   After that we drove to the Château de Balleroy for a coffee, a tour and a walk around the Gardens, all 200 acres of them
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Event 23  ~ 10th September 2017
The Tenterden Lions Charity
Classic Car Show 

 Another charity organisation we supported this year was the  Tenterden Lions inaugural Classic Car Show  on Sunday 10th September

There were around 140 cars on-site, catering outlets, trade stands, a dog show and judging in the ring. We had 13 Rolls-Royces and Benteys booked in and although two of them did not make it on the day, our display of eleven motor cars made  a worthy display and we handed the organsers a £110 cheque for their worthy charitable works. Well done Mike Caridia for planning and executing a most professional Car Show, the first of many I am sure.

  The photographs show our cars, the people, and a few of the many club cars that attended in a mix of sunshine, wind and cloud.   Usual British Autumn day!

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Event 22  ~ 20th August 2017
The Battle of Britain Memorial 

 Another charity organisation we have supported for four years now is the Battle of Britain Memorial at Capel-Le-Ferne near Folkestone

The Battle of Britain Memorial Trust was built to enable those who wish to show their respects to the heroes of the Battle of Britain by visiting this unique site of pilgrimage. This was our fourth visit and we were able to give a substantial sum to help run the site which costs around £100.000 per year.

Atop the famous White Cliffs near Dover the site offers superb views across the Channel to France.  The central statue of a lone pilot is complemented by the Christopher Foxley-Norris Memorial Wall, two replica aircraft
and other items of interest in the museum.

Our members always enjoy our visit to this venue and we hope to return in 2018.  The photographs that follow show the cars, the people, the views and the buildings in a mix of sunshine, wind and cloud.

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Event 21  ~ 13th August 2017
The Willesborough Windmill Craft Fayre and Classic Car Day 

 We support the Willesborough Windmill charity every year and this year it was hot and sunny and just right. We collected an entry fee from every driver and passed the funds on to the volunteers who were most grateful. 

The site is next to the M20 motorway and not a little noisy but the stationary engines and other steam exibits put up a good fight and
sounded much more interesting than cars on a concrete road
surface.  Our 20 cars alongside another 20 Morris and Austin cars
as well as a few other marques made for a wonderful display.

Hilary and Tony arrived in their new Corniche, and parked alongsine the Daces Bentley GTC. The new and the old convertibes brought
many admiring  glances from the public who were obviously enjoying the day.  The photographs below record another special event.

Event 20  ~ 6th August 2017
The Baileys Garden Party
& Barbeque 

 What a day! It was hot and sunny and just right for Greg & Christines barbeque on Sunday 6th August. Thirty three Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars packed into the garden and then picnic tables were errected and chairs unfolded. Soon after, the Bailey team of helpers produced a barbeque of chicken, sausages and burgers, bread rolls, salads and sauses for over 60 people. After the hot course puddings flowed followed by tea and coffee.  It was a wonderful spread and our sincere thanks to Greg & Christine
for all the effort that went into this event.
As a small token of thanks, Greg and Christine were presented with a bouquet of flowers and cheers from all who atteded.  You can see from the photographs below, that this was a special day and given to the members free of charge.  A most generous gesture.

Event 19  ~ 23rd July 2017
The South Eastern Section
Prize Giving 

The 2017 Prize Giving was held at Guilton Rectory. It was our second visit to this superbly manicured twelve acre garden

owned by Michael Chipperfield. 

Over 50 cars attended and 300 cups of tea and coffee were served and 20 luxury cakes were demolished by around one hundred people.  Although we had to ask participants to use their paper cups for a second time.  The weather was kind to us,  warm but cloudy with just a few spits of rain at 3pm for ten munutes which were hardly noticed.  Had it rained heavily,  the 110 foot long marquee was ready to house everyone, picnic tables, hampers, chairs and all.  I will let the photographs do the talking.

Event 15  ~ 18th June 2017
Chiddingstone Castle
A special setting for a picnic
Chiddingstone was an excellent venue and the weather was exceptional with temperatures well into the 30s, fortunately there was a glade of large oak trees next to the cars and the members either set up their picnics under the trees or erected large umbrellas as sunshades. Altogether we had 13 cars and as well as many of the regulars it was great to welcome others that are not able to attend our events so often. I am sure that we will be returning to this excellent venue next year.  
The photographs of this event were taken by Tony Mundella

Event 14  ~ 11th June 2017
Riverhill House & Gardens.
A Picnic with a Wealden view 

The John Rogers who bought Riverhill in 1840 was an only child, with a modest fortune, and a fine intellect.  He became a classics scholar, a scientist and a friend of Charles Darwin.  He was one of the first members of the Royal Horticultural Society and a patron of the plant collectors of the day. Today, four generations of the Rogers family live at Riverhill and we were allowed to park in front of the house and enjoy our picnics as we looked out over the Weald.

A special day indeed. 

Event 13  ~ 4th June 2017
Doddington Place Picnic with
Garden Visit and Falconry Display  
Doddington Place is surrounded by wooded countryside in an area of outstanding natural beauty on the North Downs.  The lovely landscaped gardens, recognised as being of historical importance by English Heritage, are set in the grounds of an imposing Victorian mansion and cover ten acres. We were priviledged to park on the lawns outside the little tea room which gave a front row seat during the Birds of Prey display.

Event 12  ~ 21st May 2017
The South of England Rally 
Cranleigh School
Cranleigh School was the venue for the RREC South of England Annual Rally and prizegiving this year. The RREC Club Shop was present, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd supplied a Goodwood Phantom extended wheelbase saloon and a Rolls-Royce Ghost. Then there were 200 Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor filling the field of play and over 400 people.  Cranleigh is proud of its heritage. From its roots as a community school launched in 1865 for the sons of local farmers, through to the international co-educational school it has become today. It was a perfect setting and we thank Cranleigh for allowing us to use their 'front lawn' .

~ The Motor Cars ~ 

Event 11  ~ 11th ~ 16th May 2017
The South Eastern Section Rally 
A Week in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds
 This was a six day event and deserves a multi page web site entry as each day started with a full English, a new event with a different drive, some scenic, others a wizz down a dual carriageway followed by a three course evening meal.
The De Vere Hotel was our home for 48 participants for the week and a private carpark the resting place for our 25 motor cars.

~ The Hotel ~ 

Event 11  ~ 11th ~ 16th May 2017
The South Eastern Section Rally 
A Week in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds
 This six day event brought a mass of wonderful cars to the Rally. If you were a participant, you may see yours here. If you are a visitor to this web site you might like to choose your favourite.

~ The Cars ~

Event 11  ~ 11th ~ 16th May 2017
The South Eastern Section Rally 
A Week in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds
 Kelmscott Manor is a special place, unspoilt by over developement and currently looked after and managed by Oxford University and an army of knowledgeable volunteers.

~ Kelmscott ~

Event 11  ~ 11th ~ 16th May 2017
The South Eastern Section Rally 
A Week in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds
 Parking at Boughton On The Water is difficult. We managed to take over a small public car park for the day, right outside the Model Village. Here are a few shots of that model of Boughton and the Motor Museum.

~ Boughton-on-the-Water ~

Event 11  ~ 11th ~ 16th May 2017
The South Eastern Section Rally 
A Week in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds
 On Sunday 14th we had a private charter of the river launch Goring. We were collected from the hotels private jetty and headed off to Abingdon. It was a sunny day with spectacular views along the river and through two locks. With a bar onboard & ice creams what more could one wish for?

~ The 1912 Goring Launch ~

Event 11  ~ 11th ~ 16th May 2017
The South Eastern Section Rally 
A Week in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds
 On Saturday 13th we drove to Woodstock. We were allowed to parking infront of the main gates of the Palace, a privillege indeed, unfortunately it was the wettest day of the Rally and the photographs show just how dull it was.  This did not stop us from enjoying the parking and walking through the grounds and exploring the Palace. It was a memory day. 

~ Blenheim Palace ~ 

Event 10  ~ 7th May 2017
The South Eastern Section 
Leeds Castle 'Motors by the Moat'
 This was a new event for us although Leeds Castle hold this general classic car event in May every year. We met up off-site at 09:45 and paraded into the Castle grounds in one long 32 car line which pleased the public who photographed our entrance with excitement. The venue was first class and the site excellent -  although the extremely cold weather spoiled the event a little. That said it would be good to return in 2018.   Fortunately by 2pm the sun came out and the wind dropped so I rushed around taking more photographs to record the event as a bright and sunny one.    Lets hope for a warm day next year. 

Event 8  ~ 23rd April 2017
The South Eastern Section 
New Members Lunch at Sweetwoods
 Our yearly visit to  the Sweetwoods Golf Course for our new Members Lunch encouraged 54 members to attend and between them they drove 22 Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars and most are recorded in the photographs below.  We welcomed six new members and encouraged them to join us again very soon.  The lunch was excellent and our thanks go  to the staff whoworked hard to please ?  A happy, sunny day at this pretty golf club.  Another venue we will be returning to in 2018

Event 6  ~ 19th March 2017
The South Eastern Section 
Lunch at Weald of Kent Golf Club
 Our return to this super venue was a joy, but before we look at the line up of attending Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars I have to record the arrival of the first Bentley Mulsanne into our midst.  A Bentley to Rival the Rolls-Royce Phantom, a Bentley  that returned the excitement of a fast 4 door saloon, a true enthusiasts Bentley for fast drives across Europe which also  takes all the luggage one would ever wish to pack for a few weeks away or more.  And the lunch? Oh yes - there were 20 or more cars in the car park and over 50 members attending this lunch. A great day.

It looks like we will be returning in 2018

Event 4  ~ 26th February 2017
The South Eastern Section 
Lunch at Judd's Folly
 This restaurant, situated in park like grounds, on an old estate near Faversham and now called Judd's Folly, was the venue for our fourth luncheon in 2017.  About 46 members attended, including a very welcome visitor from Texas. He was a friend of one of our longstanding members  Ivan Odds. It was a joy to introduce our well travelled Rolls-Royce 20hp owning guest to the room and hear him speak of his previous Rolls-Royce motor cars which included a Phantom, a 20/25 and a 20 hp.
There were some 15 Rolls-Royces and Bentleys in the car park even though the weather was dull, damp and dreary. Fortunately, The Judd's Folly welcome was warm and the food most agreeable.

Event 3  ~ 5th February 2017
The RREC South Eastern Section 
Eastwell Manor Lunch   
 A return to Eastwell Manor for lunch was extra special as we dined in one of the main rooms in the old building.   58 members attended and they seemed to enjoy the oak panelled room and views over the walled garden.
About ten Rolls-Royces and Bentleys arrived and parked in the inner courtyard.  Another dull British winters day, but we had a good time and welcomed two new members.  We hope to see them again soon.

Event 1 
The RREC South Eastern Section 
1st Lunch of 2017 ~ The Swan  
 2017 started with a lunch at The Swan Restaurant at The Chapel Down Vineyard on Sunday 8th January. 36 members attended and they brought a whole line up of Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars. All parked either side of a lorry!  A good old fashioned British winters day, dull, cold and slightly wet. This did not allow for excellent photography but it was an excellent day with smiling faces and laughter. A perfect start to 2017.