Where  It  All  Started
If you look at our 2019 Calendar of Events, you would be excused for thinking it had always been this busy, the ten-strong committee has produced a wonderful and diverse calendar of events for this year, giving members the chance to use their motorcars at a variety of events including the R-REC National Rally at Burghley House and the South of England Rally at Bradfield College in May.  This is 2019, but what of the sections past, what of its history? Where did it all start?
As with so much in the RREC, history is everything and I knew that a conversation with the President of the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club, Lt. Col. Eric Barrass who received his 50yr membership badge in 2009 would answer all my questions.
What follows was taken from a conversation I had with Eric a few years ago when he kindly spent some time describing some key moments in the development of the RREC in its early years. Alas Eric passed away three years ago and we still miss him.
Eric joined the RREC in 1958, and in the fulness of time he became the RREC Club Secretary, a position he held for 32 years, he was also the editor of The Bulletin for 26 years. He saw the club grow to over 10.000 members and it was Eric who formed 'Sections' as the club grew and members needed local events and meetings to attend. The first Section to be officially formed was in 1965, Eric called it the South Eastern Section. Eric wrote to every member located within 50 miles, calling for a meeting at the Grasshopper Inn near Westerham, Kent. About 40 members arrived and a committee was formed. They organised the next event at the Bowles Fitness Centre on the Eridge Road just outside Tunbridge Wells. 2015 marked our Sections  50th anniversary year as 'the first section' officially formed in the RREC.
The 2019 Committee would like to extend a very warm welcome to any member new or old who wishes to attend an event. If you do, you may find yourself attending them all year long!
Why wait? Join the RREC via The Hunt House and see what you are missing. A link to the main RREC web site may be found below.

Stephen Fabman-Beker
One Members Collection
Of Rolls-Royce Silver Clouds by
 HJ Mulliner 2-door drophead coupé Design No 7410
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